Yule ritual

Today is the winter solstice, also known as yule!

Winter Solstice means the longest night. It is the celebration of the return of light, as starting today, the days will get longer again.

It is the first glimmer of hope that spring will come to the land. I love to mark moments like this with simple rituals.

This one was written specifically for doing in the darkness.

What you will need

  • a candle, preferably white
  • a small penknife, or a sharp branch, or anything else that can scratch in the candle
  • a matchbox
  • an intent for the winter months. What do you wish more energy for? Which aspect of you is still hidden underneath a pile of thoughts and emotions, and really deserves the spotlight?

The ritual

  • Go to your sacred space at dusk.
  • Get your candle, and decorate it with symbols of your wish. It may be just a word or a carved symbol. For example, if you want to focus on your music during the winter months, you could carve in musical notes.
  • Put the candle in a holder, and strike the match. As you light the match, state your wish again, and say something like “May this light shine on my intent, and bring to light what is yet hidden.”
  • Then meditate on the flicker of the candlelight. Ideally set it aside so it can burn out.

Keep your intent in your mind during the upcoming winter months, by journaling about it each week, for instance. And I will be back in spring with a new ritual.

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