You’re not a creative failure (a pep talk)

This is one of those blog posts I’ve struggled with for weeks.

I knew the subject, a creative peptalk, and I knew what it would be about, feeling uncreative.

But my uncreativity kept me from writing the pep talk until I REALLY was sick of myself, grabbed my keyboard and started to type.

Feeling uncreative doesn’t mean that you’re not creative, nor that you are a creative failure.

inspiration for people who feel like they are a creative failure

Feeling uncreative means that your creativity is hidden under a pile of negative thoughts.

And oh boy, 2020 is a perfect year for negative thoughts. I’ve had them myself. I can’t even begin to count the days where I just felt frozen into place.

I guess that’s the thing with writing blog posts like this one. You can only write it when you come out of the other side of this kind of freeze.

So how do you break the uncreative spell?

By letting go. Write a journal about your fears. Stop reading Twitter, watching the news or reading it.

Just centre.

Just find your balance. Before you know it, your creativity is back. It may not have the same shape, but it’s there.

In my case, nowadays I purposefully seek balance to allow my creativity to strike at the end of the day,. I just grab my Traveller’s notebook, open a page in my sketchbook and start doodling, or I open the journal first, write my mind empty and then create.

It’s such a great way to clear my mind in a way that I sleep much better.

It doesn’t matter what brings you to your creativity, it matters that you prioritise clearing the way for it.

And you will see that you aren’t a creative failure. You create despite the negativity that surrounds you. You heal yourself by being creative. No matter what shape it comes in.

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