Writing something entirely different

(Wednesday writing is a day late because I’m a doofus with calendars 😀 )

I’m creating something entirely new this year: journal books!

I’m hard at work on the first one, a small journal that helps to increase joy. I have a lot of ideas for new journals too 🙂

I love to journal, and I love journal books, so this is a perfect fit for me.

I’m still working on my fiction, too. When the journal book is finished, I’m going to focus on getting my novel to the second draft.

And, as I like to work on a smaller project next to editing, I’d love to create either a poetry book or a new short story collection, a fantasy one, this time!

I have a whole list of other projects to publish too. Can’t wait to bring a lot of my writing into the world at last 🙂

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