Writing log for 8 November

Well, the idea of writing a daily writing log has fallen by the wayside. I’m working on my writing projects, and was following an election on the other end of the world. So I will write these at random 🙂

I have defined a list of projects I want to work on this month. I don’t know how far I will get with this list, but there’s always December 🙂

The list of projects is:

  1. First draft of my memoir
  2. (start the) Second draft of my novel
  3. First draft of a short story collection
  4. Write a journal
  5. Process the edits of the second book of 111 Tiny Poems and get a proof copy

I’ve worked on: my memoir, mostly. I have turned my memoir into a Christmas theme. Scenes I need to work on are labelled in red, and scenes in first draft are marked in green.

Today, most of my scenes are in green, but I have a bit to go. I think I should be able to finish my first draft by Tuesday, after which another project waits!

I’ve read: am still reading Still Writing by Dani Shapiro. I so love this memoir on writing, every re-read I pick up another nugget that makes me a better writer.

And I’m listening to Steven Pressfield’s Nobody wants to read your sh*t when I’m working on other creative projects. Gosh that book is a constant learning process about how to write, just like his other books are. I think this will be a repeat listen for me.

When I’m done reading Still Writing, I will pick up Writing down the Bones again, and maybe Bird by Bird.

I’ve learned: I am happiest when I write. I always catch myself smiling when I focus on my whole self instead of just keeping my fingers moving.

Insights after writing today: I’ve written for an hour or two today, slaying scenes left and right. I love the mix of writing poetry (my memoir is going to be part poetry) and of writing some blog like posts to include as well. It also forces me to really focus on my emotions, what I felt at the time I am writing about.

I have the feeling this will be also very helpful by the time I’m getting ready to dive deep into my novel. My main character is going through a lot at the start of the novel, and given my deep exploration of (past) emotions, I think I can do her justice.

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