Writing log for 2 november

My first writing log for NaNoWriMo!

I’ve worked on: My memoir! I’ve written 2500-ish words, which is pretty good given that I’ve also edited in the book. I call this a solid start of my writing month.

I’ve read: I’ve started reading Dani Shapiro’s Still Writing, which is one of my favourite writing books.

my writing log

I’ve learned: I’ve learned that the first words I write are usually crap. And that’s perfectly fine. I can always go back to edit them, but it’s like a false start of an engine; when I start to write more, real words come out.

Insights after writing today: A week ago or so I was ready to give up on writing a memoir. The book really was a jumble of loose stories and poems, nothing that resembles cohesion. Then on Friday I had a brainwave, and started to toss stories in folders, shuffled them around some more, and I had the structure of my memoir. Today I started to fill in that structure, adding new scenes, moving things around some more, redefining chapters, and now, 6/16 chapters are in somewhat of a first draft status.

Another insight worth sharing: I really love to sit behind the desk and focus on writing only. I put on some music (always the same YouTube video), close all tabs, open Scrivener and start writing.

It’s been a LONG time since I did that, and it almost made me cry thinking of how much I missed it!

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