Writing blogposts made easy

I have found a way to write blog posts that doesn’t take a ton of time. All it takes is three simple steps!

If I take these steps, I know I can write multiple posts in one day.

Step 1. Find a power time

Ideas for new posts most easily come to me in the early mornings, just after waking up. At that time I must be open to receive new ideas. Some days I wake up with: I am going to write something, later on, it’s coming. I go out and play. I play a game, I doodle. Sometimes I use Facebook for that, the un-mind-sucking way (will write more on that in a later post). Then when I know it is ready, I just sit down and write it down. Most of my blog posts are roughly drafted in about ten minutes. If it takes longer, it’s a sign my mind is mucking up my idea and I am not ready to write it. I go back to playing until I am able to write it free from my mind meddlings.

What is your power time? When do words come easier?

2. Kick fear to the curb

I have kept myself from writing so many words because I was afraid of what others would think. No more. I just write what is in my heart, not the fear-filled diluted posts.

3. Declutter my mind

Fears, emotions, stray thoughts, I am starting to become a mind-decluttering ninja (oooooh I think I have a tag-line here!). Push thoughts aside, and just open your mind to juicy inspiration. You can do it!!!

PS wrote the first draft of this post in 9 minutes. Dotting the I’s took about the same time 🙂

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