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By this point in NaNoWriMo you must be quite addlepated, I sure am!

Between keeping up with the blog and editing lots of stuff, and working on a new project, I forget things. 

I need my bullet journal to keep myself from forgetting what I need and want to do, each day. 

But that’s not the only thing I need. I also need notepads everywhere. Being this deeply involved in my writing brings forward a lot more ideas, and that starts from waking up from interesting dreams and ends when I finally fall asleep at night. 

The ideas aren’t just writing-related, they are for other creative projects, or things I need to do around the house, calls I need to make, etc. 

I don’t have my iPad around me at all times, so the paper notepads are essential. 

As is writing things down immediately. 

I am so easily distracted, that I just lose the ideas the moment I have them. 

Having a notepad close by, open on a blank page is all I need to keep it. And even then I lose track, for instance when I don’t have the notepad open on a blank page, and start reading when I wrote on the page instead of writing it down. 

I do experience that ideas come back when I repeat the actions that brought up the idea, but the best way to keep it, is just writing it down!

So keep a notepad in your bag, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, next to your bed. It can be the same notepad you carry with you around the house. Just jot things down. 

And once a day process what you’ve written. Add things to your bullet journal for the next day, or to a monthly page. Add writing-related notes to your projects, etc. 

Then turn the page for a new day of writing down thoughts before they escape your brain.

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