This is my art bag, an A4 sized bag that is filled with all sorts of things that enable me to make art/work on my art journal anywhere in the house.
It’s essential because we have a three story home and this bag ensures that I can work on my art wherever I want.

It also makes me more minimalist.

Every once in a while I go through my art bag and remove everything, go through every pencil case and folder, and pull out everything I haven’t used for a while.

I either recycle my unused items or store them in the art cabinet in my office.

The reason all my art supplies are in one cabinet is similar to my art bag. I have to be able to fit my supplies in my cabinet, or I have to start sorting things through.

I also have one small drawer for my pens, one case for my pencils etc.

Limiting in size is not a form of punishment.

Limiting in size is a way to force you to look at all your possessions and use only what you really really love. It forces you to become aware of what you surround yourself with. You have to pick and choose what you will carry with you through life.

If the contents of the bag don’t let you smile with glee, you need to do some exploring and find what works for you.

And then, when everything is in the bag, go make your art!

Because for me, that is what joyful minimalism is all about 🙂