Why writing about self care is important to me

Let’s go back to, I think, the start of the year. I decided that I would just write about writing and nothing else on this blog.

I did that because I felt that focusing on one subject would maybe be better at drawing in an audience.

That certainly helped a bit, but it no longer felt like my blog.

Writing is an essential and integral part of my life but I need to write about all of my creative life. Self care is an essential part of it.

On the days where I focus on self care, I create more, am more open for what brings me joy and I am more inclined to do things that scare me.

So, from now on, self care is an integral part of my blog again. As it should be.

I would like to think I can stick to a schedule again. Going to brainstorm about that and I will post on that soon!

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