Why self care can be such a challenge sometimes

I have asthma and chronic pain. Most of the time I can deal with them pretty well, at other times I feel like I am in my own damn way. I want to go do something but I ache so I don’t and then get into a negative tailspin.

Sometimes I get up and do things and then feel better. Sometimes I get up and do things and I feel worse.

Sometimes I go out in great weather and my lungs are happy. Sometimes breathing is such a challenge that I have to scale back on my plans.

Sometimes we go to a concert, and have to leave early because my asthma is an issue.

I once went out to a city 3 hours by train from here, and had an asthma attack in a church. I had to walk to the train station on no energy and was near crying when I boarded the train and could rest again.

All these things make me insecure about going out at times, and I felt I needed to blog about these feelings.

The thing is, if I get into anxiety, I am not making it better. Asthma and anxiety don’t mix (understatement of the year!).

So I am changing the way I deal with my health issues. I am not going to worry about things, I am going to use pain care when needed, and keep my blue (rescue) inhaler at hand when needed. In short: I am going to do whatever I can to make my days as good as possible.

Another key point is awareness. I need to stop letting my thoughts run my life and just listen to what my body needs. I need to allow myself to take my blue inhaler when breathing troubles start, not struggle to take them because it feels like defeat.

In this way, self-care becomes my ally, my partner in crime when it comes to having creative adventures. Because, oh boy, I have so many ideas for things I want to do this summer!

Can’t wait to share them here!

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