Why my Bullet Journal is messy

I love to watch bullet journal videos or see how people set theirs up. The prettier, the better.

My bullet journal is nothing like that. If I’d sit down to plan all pretty and neat, I forget all that I wanted to write down.

I need to be able to pour everything out on paper and get it over with 🙂

I also don’t need a monthly/weekly calendar. My husband and I both use the same google calendar, and if I start to write down my long-term appointments in my bullet journal, I might forget to add them to the calendar and the other way around.

I do make a weekly page though, started this a couple of weeks ago, where I have some rudimentary health trackers and weekly goals. The core of my bullet journal, however, is my daily page.

I love my daily pages. I add so much to it. I have a tracker for some of the creative things I want to do daily. I have a daily quote and a daily tarot card. I track my meals and I add tasks in different categories.

I also use my daily page as a log of all sorts of creative things I have done on a day.

I use multiple languages on my pages. Dutch because I am Dutch, English because I love to write in English and French because I am learning it 🙂

The one thing that defines my bullet journal is that it is very messy. My handwriting is abysmal and given the fact that I need to write things down as soon as they are in my head, it is sometimes even more so 🙂

How do you make your bullet journal work for you? How do you turn it into a place that helps you live your best life?

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