Why I’m blogging here again

If I’m completely honest with myself, I have to admit that procrastination has ruled my life these past months. I haven’t been blogging much, nor writing a lot.

Just now, I was thinking back to when I wrote my books. The sheer elation of it all moves me to tears almost.

I really want to be a writer again. A writer of things I love to write. I really want to bring joy to my life and to my soul by writing. I want to be a light in the world in my words.

This poem that I wrote for Instagram is so clear in that for me.

a poem that shares all about my joy in writing (and blogging) again

Some new blogging decisions!

I deserve to do what I love. I think that is what Leap to Joy has taught me.

It is now 6 months after I’ve started it, and I no longer feel I need the site to remind me of where I am in life and what I am doing. I am so grateful for that. So very grateful.

So I’m saying goodbye to Leap to Joy for now,

I do it with a joyful heart. I’m creating again, I’m finding joy in each day by doing what I love.

Even now, as I write this, I have a half smile on my face. It’s not even 07:00 and I’ve already written more than 500 words.

The best start of any day.

I’m a writer!

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