Why I love audiobooks

I am in bed. It is late at night and I really want to sleep.
I turn on my phone, and find Audible.
I lie down, snuggled under the blankets and press sleep timer.
A deep, warm voice reads a book I have heard before to me, I listen and smile, drifting off to sleep on a cloud of words.

              I am in the bathroom, cleaning.

             Stephen Fry is reading to me, Greek Mythology. I clear the countertops
             and scrub the sink, while Stephen tells me a story I love so much in
              a completely new way.

I feel a bit anxious for no apparent reason.
I scroll through my phone to find a book I love to bits. I sit back, listen and find my calm again.

Just a couple of examples of new ways I experience books this year. I have listened to audiobooks before, but not this intense before, I want to read 100 books this year and that challenges me to experience books in all sorts of ways.

I have no doubt that there will be many more scenarios like this during the upcoming year.

I am becoming a reader again, and that is the best thing about this challenge I’ve set for myself.

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