Why do you fear success?

That is the question I asked myself today, inspired by something I saw on TV.

Why do I fear success? The question plays around in my head and I really have no answer, so it’s time to do some freewriting.

I know that fear of success is behind many abandoned projects and many half-finished projects. The idea of the things I am creating being a success Is very daunting to me.

I think I need a new definition.

why do you fear success?

There are writers who write something thinking that they might be on Oprah one day, but that idea scares the living daylights out of me.

But what doesn’t?

What would make me feel comfortable and is yet still daunting?

Making a living with my writing sounds good, but that’s not exactly it.

Making a living with writing I do that helps other people does.

Making a living with writing that brings joy, or that entertains others does.

It’s all in the eye of the beholder, success. And while being on Oprah scares me, thinking of someone sitting somewhere, reading what I wrote and feeling better because of that, that’s something that I really like.

So that’s why I will keep writing.

And I also keep writing because I never smile while doing something like I’m doing right now. This brings me the greatest joy.

Isn’t that the best success one can have?

PS and as I read through this, I think I need to look at success regarding Instagram too, so expect a post on that soon!

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