Why am I doing this again?

This is a post for the insecure writer’s support group.

I am currently editing a novella that is part non-fiction (aka my story), part spiritual, part fantasy.

Now I am nearing the end of a long process of writing/editing/sending to editor and editing again, I get mighty insecure.

A lot of the things I put down on the page are very personal and I would never have thought of telling my tale in this way until Ganesha showed up in my mind and the story started writing itself.

I think that a lot of writers struggle with the same doubt: what will people think of me when I publish this?

The funny thing is, that when I write poetry I don’t have such qualms. I share it freely and openly. But fiction? Brrrrr. I am going to go on and write it though. And soon it will be all beta read, finished and published, no matter how the knot in my stomach howls noooooo.

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