Where I’m a coward

These past months I have felt the constant urge to make videos. Not just any videos but vlogs.
I have no idea why the urge came up, but it’s kept poking at me.
And, I did try. I made a video, two of them in fact, one with my face on camera, one with the camera aimed at the table.
None of them got posted.
They all ended up in the trash folder of my Mac, never to be seen again.
And why?
Because I am a chicken. Because I thought no one would wanna see an old woman babble on about making art and playing and being yourself.
Because I was too cowardly lion to see that the only one who thinks that is me.
So, I am CHALLENGING MYSELF. This week, hell or high water, I will make a tea vlog and I will look however I will look on that day, and I will show my new art journal or goodness knows what else.
And I will be proud of myself for sharing it. Because I am a badass crone who blogs and vlogs.
So there!

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