When it comes to writing, I sometimes go cold turkey

I love to write blog posts and sometimes I have a lot of inspiration so I can write one straight away.

And then find it doesn’t take much for me to get distracted. A ding from an app that I forgot to shut up, a sudden thought that really needs to be written down in my journal.

That’s why I have Cold Turkey Writer.

It’s an app that asks you to set a word count needed for the session and then when you click OK it locks EVERYTHING until you write the desired amount of words.

No distraction allowed.

All there is is the blank screen and the progress bar on top of the page.

I set my words to 250 usually, as I think that’s a perfect amount of words for a blog post.

When I have to write a scene for my novel, I up the words to 1000.

It’s such a perfect way to write without distraction. It’s keeping me honest, and it’s keeping me focused.

Of course, I can grab my phone and then get distracted with that, but when Cold Turkey is on, the only reason I may grab my phone is when I really need to research something. Most of the time I mark the spots where I need research and then write on.

Seeing the progress bar near completion always makes me feel excited. I get to do other things again. And then when it unlocks my computer again, I celebrate.

It’s the perfect way to be a better writer.

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