What if you are completely uninspired?

This post is a stream of consciousness post, written at 17:17 pm. I’ve wanted to write a blog post all day today, but inspiration didn’t strike.

I decided I need a bit of a pep talk and I figure that someone else may need it too.

I have felt completely uninspired with my blog these past days. I haven’t posted a Finding Stillness because inspiration didn’t come.

I almost didn’t post anything today, because inspiration didn’t come.

I could have acted like I did in the past, changing things up completely, suddenly being convinced that I really need a change in order to blog again.

I needed to learn that sometimes, it’s ok to be completely uninspired.

It’s ok to spend half the day watching the Young Pope and commiserating about how fantastic the writing is for that show.

It’s ok because inspiration sometimes comes in cycles. What I have a struggle creating today, comes easily tomorrow. That is what has been true for me for as long as I can remember.

So the next time you feel uninspired, lean into it, and before you know it you have written a couple hundred words on a blog post you weren’t inspired to write before 🙂

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