For years I dreamed of being the kind of person carrying around notebooks everywhere. Sitting on a park bench staring at a tree, taking my time writing a poem, or lingering in beautiful cafe’s and writing something profoundly while sipping a cup of tea.

To sustain that dream I wrecked my back carrying notebooks with me. And quite frankly I hardly use them. Because I love my Android phone, and when I am on the road I write mostly on it. Or on my EEE pc, which is equally adored.

I can spend hours waxing poetic about an app I found or the cool thing I discovered that makes my life so much easier, or how I use the software. I can go to stores and drool over the newest hardware.
That image I sketched in the start of the chapter, that is an ideal that doesn’t fit me.

If I have something that needs to be jotted down, I write it down on my phone, and it gets synchronized with Dropbox so it is available on all my computers. If I do sit in a cafe, I write my poetry on a piece of paper or on my phone, not in the fancy notebook that makes my shoulder hurt.

So I am letting that image of me go. From now on I no longer carry my big notebook with me, just a tiny one just in case my phone doesn’t work, or in case I want to doodle or for when I need to jot something down when on the phone.

Liberating myself from that image stuck in my head is making me truly happy with who I am.
What image of yourself is stuck in your head? What ideal have you set for yourself that completely doesn’t fit with the real you?