Walking the path to joy

When you tell people that your focus is only on joy, they quickly assume that you only are happy, and that sadness, anger and fear aren’t part of your life anymore.

As if walking the path to joy is akin to floating on a big pink cloud of happiness.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Someone who walks the path to joy doesn't avoid obstacles, but accepts them.

Walking the path to joy means that you acknowledge all your feelings. It means that you cry when you are sad, moan when you’re in pain and cower when you’re fearful.

The difference is that you don’t allow feelings to linger. You don’t allow them to fester under the surface, spoiling your day. You accept them, give them their stage, and then you move on.

This new way of looking at things has seriously transformed my life over these past months.

Even with all that is going on at this time, I’m creating more, playing more and experiencing more joy than all of 2019 combined.

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