Walking on opposite paths

When you walk the talk, when you really start doing what you were born to do, you will notice something startling. Some people really don’t get what you are doing. Some people completely don’t understand you, and tell you that you are wrong.

Just realise this. This doesn’t happen because your path is wrong. It doesn’t happen because they were meant to walk your path, and they just don’t understand you. It happens because they take a path right across from yours.

Paths are like irises, they move from many directions to one center. The ones who walk on a path near you, get what you are doing. Those who take an opposite path, are not.

You are not wrong. They are not wrong. They are just doing something entirely different. All roads lead to the Self, and your path will lead you there.

So stop being afraid, and take a leap of epic proportions.

It will be fantastic!

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