Embrace your Introverted Self

I am an introvert. I am also playful and have found that play is my best way of interacting with the world around me. Most of the time, however, I am in my shell, creating ?

I have learned to turn being an introvert into my strength. My passions and gifts are all infused with superduper introverted magic. Most of my gifts have one thing in common: I can do my work in blissful solitude.

It’s not all perfect. Sometimes it really sucks to be an introvert. I can get completely overwhelmed or drained in groups of people and usually need days to get back to my normal self. But at least during those days I can do my work.

Here are three simple steps for all of you who struggle with being an introvert.

Step 1 – Find your passion If you find your passion (for me that is my art, whether that comes in paint or words) you will see that it is perfectly suited to your introverted nature, you were born for it after all! And secondly, you will see it is easy to share your work with the world. You kinda have no choice ?

Step 2 – Find your coping strategies When I get overwhelmed by people or by situations, I go to the bathroom and breathe in deep into the stomach. I then imagine that as I breathe in, I blow up a pretty white balloon around me, and that balloon is keeping me safe from being overwhelmed again. It may sound strange, but for me it works like a charm!

Step 3 – Find your quietFind that one place, whether it is at home or somewhere outside, where you can be alone for a while, and let your breath be your guide to calm. It needs to be a space where you can feel all yourself. For me it is the space where I sit as I write this, at my wooden desk in my office. I love being here and looking up at my beautiful desk.

What step will you implement to accept and embrace your introvert nature?

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