The walk that felt like 1000

Earlier this week I went out for the first time after recovering from the flu. It was a simple walk, just a short stroll down the lane and to the shopping center nearby.

I bought cheese.

I walked home with lightness in my step. I loved every single moment of it. The wind was in my hair, the sun was strong on my face,

I didn’t care that I walked slower than everyone else, or that I could still feel I was tired. I didn’t care that I still coughed sometimes. All that mattered was my feet on terra firma, the wind in my face, making my cheeks glow, and the sun, the gorgeous sun that started to warm the earth a bit, in my face. At moments like these, walking is the greatest blessing.

It is so easy to forget that when I feel healthy and walk just to get somewhere fast.

It is so easy to forget that the simple blessings in your life are always the biggest.

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