The symptoms of Novelbrain

It is NaNoWriMo time, and you know what that means? Tens of thousands of writers start to suffer from the symptoms of Novelbrain. What is Novelbrain you ask? Let me describe the gruelling symptoms!

1. You forget everything that isn’t your novel
This is not something that us writers do on purpose. See, our brains only have room for so much, and when we write our novels there are so many characters that take up all the space for grocery lists and remembering appointments. If you want us to remember something, make sure you have our attention, otherwise it’s out of the brain in two seconds flat!

2. Responding to you with nonsensical remarks
Listen, our brain is filled with our novels (see 1). If you want a conversation with us that makes sense, wait until we’re finished writing, otherwise, expect lots of “Huh, what?” moments.

3. Seeing everything as character fodder
“Oh that would be perfect for my main character!” We might throw lines like this in in conversations, while watching tv, while reading the newspaper and while watching you do something silly. Don’t be offended, it’s actually a honor to be present while a writer creates magic coughs

4. Don’t ask how we are doing
You might regret it. You might get a whole litany about why writing our novel sucks, or why one of our characters is such a spineless bore. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

Do you know anyone who suffers from novelbrain? Give them hugs and tea (or coffee if they are so inclined) and then sloooooowly back away, it might be contagious!

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