The second editing round of my novel

The book I am writing right now is going through its second big editing round, and I notice the differences.

When I first wrote it, I had no idea where I was going with the story, making it up as I went along, waking up in the middle of the night with ideas, that kind of thing.

In the first editing round I started to flesh things out, I worked mostly on the plot and on the intricacies of some relationships.

This time around it’s all about the characters, about giving them a more firm footing in the soil that is the story. I get to know my main character even better, and the ones close to her even more so. I get to know her cat better, even.

In all of this, the story finds its way even more than it already did. I am in love with some of the b-cast members, and want to give them a bigger role as the story continues to evolve over time.

This won’t be the last editing round I am doing on this story, not even close.

It is the round where I’m falling in love with my book, and I love that feeling 🙂

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