The quest for simplicity

I was carrying around my planner to the cinema today and then got the ticket stubs and really wished I had brought my journal, too as I glue ticket stubs in there.

Funny how that happens.

I realized instantly that I was complicating things again in my perfectionist/planner geek way.

I saw that when I opened my planner during the past week I almost felt anxious as there were so many things asking for attention. A ton of tabs in pretty colours guided me in to use it.

And I didn’t. I sometimes didn’t even do my daily bullet journaling because I felt overwhelmed.

Even though it freaks out the planner loving/decorating girl in me, I went back to simple. Just me and my little a6 book with a handmade cover and some stickers tucked into the back.

That’s it.

I have already filled a few pages in the journal and then flipped back for some bullet journaling.

It works.

It just works.

And it is so simple.

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