Bullet Journal series: the playfulness in imperfection

I always keep my bullet journals in a blank notebook. I don’t like the constriction of grid, dots and  lines.

So that means that my bullet journal is literally all over the place, I write big and small, crooked on the page or surprisingly straight. I make doodles, glue movie ticket stubs or toss stickers in when I want to.

I’ve tried many other things, the lines, the squares, the dot grid, a mix of them, where one side was squared and the other side blank. Only blank pages work.

I also love to switch things out. I am now in a Moleskine large expanded, but also have a Moleskine pocket and a micro journal. I use them all as needed and then transfer thngs into the expanded.

All this makes my bullet journal practice fluid, and that’s apparently the only way that works for me.

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