The moon and creativity

For the past few months, I have been tracking the moon phases in my daily bullet journal entries. I keep it simple, I indicate the quarter of the moon and the sign it is in.

And then I go about my day.

Today I leafed back through my bullet journal and noticed something startling.

I saw similarities.

For instance, every time the moon was in a certain sign, I didn’t create a damn thing, I didn’t even post the blog posts that were scheduled on that day, two months in a row.

I noticed that on some days, for instance when the moon was in Cancer, that I accomplished a lot on that day, and my done list was a mile long.

It’s so funny how that happens. I bet that if I would look back to earlier bullet journals, I would notice the same kind of pattern.

The funny thing is, I already live according to the cycles of the moon. I celebrate the new and full moon and I take notice of the way each of them influence me emotionally. I just didn’t see how my creativity was influenced by what sign the moon was in.

I am going to continue tracking the moon, and see if the pattern continues to evolve 🙂

I can highly recommend doing the same thing I do. I use an app to see the moon phases for the day, and I jot it down and forget about it.

I may start to only write in the moon signs at the end of each week from now on, to keep bias from slipping in (“I always feel uninspired when the moon is in Gemini, so I am not going to do anything today!”).

Either way, I will continue to witness my creative processes in the light of the moon.

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