The mindful Bullet Journal

The other day I finished reading the Bullet Journal Method book by Ryder Carroll, and I loved every second of it.

I’ve been bullet journaling for years, but ever since reading the book I know I really didn’t. I was just writing to do lists and checking them off, or not.

The bullet journal method is so much more, it is mindfulness in action.

The core of the system to me is not the endless list, the core of the system is evaluating what is on your list, seeing if it matters or not. The core of the system isn’t scolding at yourself that you haven’t done the work, the core is to ask why it matters to you.

And that makes all the difference. When I make a new page, I always ask myself why it matters. When I journal something I write something I find meaningful, not just to write something that I write for the sake of writing something.

This mindful approach has made all the difference to my life. I am way more organised and way more focused now than before I read the book.

I am now listening to the audiobook version of the book, and I discover a lot of things that didn’t hit home for me when I read the book on paper.

This is some journey and I am here for it, journaling 🙂

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