The Flow of Creativity

I haven’t blogged all week.

I just didn’t feelinspired to do so. Also had a lot on my plate, but I often have that and still blog 🙂 So that’s not a valid excuse.

In the past I would have thought something was wrong, I would try to figure out what changes I would need to continue to blog.

Now I just let it happen. Go with the flow.

Because I know one undeniable truth: I always post again. I always write a new poem, make a new wonky doodle, knit a sock, or anything else creative.

This is how creativity flows for me. This month, my focus is on making a doodle a day, next month I write a poem every day. It’s how my creativity works, and I love it.

So, the next time you fail on a commitment you’ve made, don’t be so hard on yourself. Remember, every day you have a chance to start anew.

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