The five things that make bad days great

This morning I woke up with a pain flare. It happens.

The ways I deal with it have changed though. The main reason for that is that I just got sick and tired of my usual response to pain: overeating and doing nothing useful during pain days.

It is now evening and I can honestly say I have had a good day.

So what did I do to make today a good day?

1. Stop fighting.
That makes the biggest difference in the world. It doesn’t make healing any easier and it often makes the pain worse. So no more pushing me into doing things anyway and then crying at night because the pain is insane.

2. Create small victories. 
I, for instance, scored an insane number of points in my Duolingo French course and was number 1 in my club for a little while. That was awesome.

3. Keep the to-do’s simple
For instance: sort through one month of pictures. Just crossing through a dot in my daily log feels like a victory.

4. pampering is key
Having a long bath for instance, or watching a show I love or using some essential oils, all make me feel better.

5. Create!
Even if it is just glueing paper in my scrap journal. Creating is my life and the sheer act of it makes me feel better.

What do you do when you are in pain?

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