The essential step in goal setting

In my road back to joy, my most formidable foe is my mind.

As I’m planning to take a couple of huge leaps this year, goal setting is essential. Yet, I notice that I often get bogged down in negative thought-spirals.

I tend to get into procrastination mode at those times, as shown by my dogged attempt today to test different note-taking apps for Mac and iOS. Granted, this is a lot of fun, but if I’m honest I already know which app I really love (and return to every time).

It is way too easy to get taken for a spin in mental games like that. In the case of the example, it might be useful if I didn’t have a favourite note-taking app, but in most cases, they serve no purpose.

goal setting is so easy once you know your why!

So how do you get back to your goals?

Ask yourself this question

Don’t look at your goals just yet.

Ask yourself this first: why do you want to create this?

Why do you want to bring something you dream of into the world?

Why do you want to write a book, start a website, become a YouTuber?

What is it that drives you?

What do you feel called to create? Why are you the perfect person to do this?

The next step

When you have your why (you won’t have it in one go, I bet, just keep at it!), make a list of goals that come up from your why.

One of my goals is to write blog posts about how I’m finding my joys again, for instance.

Documenting how I reclaim my joy is part of the why behind Leap to Joy.

When I see the goal “bi-weekly blog posts” in my monthly goals, I can feel the why behind it and that makes it easier to sit down to write blog posts when they want to be written.

Your why is your superpower

So what do you do the next time your mind spirals?

Read your why.

Read your goals.

Grab your bullet journal and make a list of three small things you can do to bring you closer to one of your goals today.

And then put on some music, take a leap and do your work.

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