The Elusive Blog Post

The problem with percolating blog posts in your head is that they suddenly fall out, preferably at moments where you have no pen, paper or keyboard in front of you. You scramble up to get the laptop to work and then when you are staring at a blank page, the post is gone.

Where it went, no clue, maybe the fuddy-duddy librarian in my head sighed at my slow actions and stored it away for a moment where she can surprise me with the idea again.

Thing is, ideas do come back. I don’t know how many do because I have no idea how many I have lost along the way. I have had a couple of times where I jotted down blog post ideas and I just went: ah, I remember this one, thanks for bringing it back up, mind.

This idea though, this brilliant idea that made me scramble for my laptop, is gone. Fwooop. Out of the forefront of my mind, into the care of the librarian, or the universe, or…

All I can do is hope it returns because in the scrambling I felt elated, happy that I could rush my fingers over the keyboard again because something really wanted to be written.

Maybe that is the real gift of moments like this. The wanting to write that is so overpowering that nothing can keep me from firing up the laptop at 7 AM to write.

That’s the thing with moments like this. Even though the blog post eluded me, I write something.

I write with a smile that makes my cheeks hurt and makes my fingers dance. This is the greatest joy of being a writer. Even if I forget what I was going to write.

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