The Back Burner

You can make plans, and more plans and then something happens and all the plans are on the backburner for a while.

Does that matter?

No, because, staying with the cooking analogy here, eventually you will start cooking stuff on the back burner.

In the case of me wanting to write a blog post, you write it when it’s ready. The fun thing is: it’s not the one you’ve wanted to write for months.

The reason is that stuff on the back burner gets to simmer and stew and maybe one time you toss in the spices you think that back burner thing needs.

Until it is done.

For me, this is also an analogy for how I approach my blog.

I don’t sit down and write stuff on a specific day, on a specific time. I write when the blog post is done simmering, and then I write it in under ten minutes usually.

When I stop forcing things to come out before they are ready, I write the best, most inspiring things.

And that’s what I was born to do ?

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