The art of getting out of your own way

Right now,in this moment, I have the choice between two things.

  1. watch something on Netflix
  2. write this blog post

The first choice is pulling hard at me, and I really want to continue to watch the show. I am however choosing to write this blog post.

I do that because I know I have to get out of my own way sometimes.

It’s so very easy to get in your own way, to keep yourself from creating by reading on Social Media (aka the biggest time sink in my life) or by watching that show that you like (aka the second biggest time sink).

I think though, that in the end, I would rather be known for my writing and my art then for having watched all seven seasons of a popular show. Twice.

And, even though creating can be nail-bitingly frustrating at times, it is what fuels my life. And the sooner I admit it, the better I feel. The more accomplished I feel. The more alive.

And that is a gift that keeps on giving.

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