The antagonist

I am currently in the process of editing the short stories that will be part of my anthology. I haven’t read most of these stories for years, and I love to reconnect with something that often doesn’t feel like something I have written.

Reading my stories has made me realize how much my writing style has changed, merged into its own unique melting pot that is my voice. I have rewritten whole parts of stories because they didn’t feel like me.

Sometimes the changes are brutal, sometimes they are just a switch-around of a couple of words to make it sound more like me.

And through these edits I notice something else too, I can see where I have weakened my story because I feared to make a character truly bad.

I can tell where I have changed my voice to tell the story a different way, feeling that this way felt more true to the story. The moment I see those changed scenes I know how much better the rewrite is, how much more authentic.

In those stories, the antagonist is not the one who harms my main character, the antagonist is fear.

Reading my old stories shows me how much I used to give in to fear. This also is apparent in the fact that I have left these stories locked away in folders in my Dropbox for many years.

To really make the stories shine, and to really publish them, I have to become the protagonist, making my stories shine and getting them ready to see the light of day.

Fear has nothing on my resolve to publish!

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