Ten ways to stop spending this month

  1. Define what is essential. (New vest? essential because I hate to be cold. New traveller’s notebook? Not essential)
  2. Fill up shopping carts. For me, the thrill of finding something is usually enough to keep me from hitting that final button and spending money.
  3. Don’t shop when hungry. Seriously. Don’t. I buy the worst crap for my body when I shop hungry. (looking at you, cookies)
  4. Keep your goals in mind. Is your goal minimalism? Don’t buy stuff. Is your goal losing weight? Don’t buy crap food.
  5. Keep a want list. Make a list in your bullet journal or in your note keeping software of things you really really REALLY want. And then buy it when you aren’t on a no-spend month.
  6. Set a savings goal. It is easy not to spend when you keep in mind that you want to spend the money you save to go on a trip over the holidays.
  7. Keep yourself busy. When you are busy decluttering your home, you aren’t spending money.
  8. Do things you love to do. Read a book that has been on your TBR pile. Have a long hot bath with candles and an audiobook. Pamper yourself.
  9. Find treasures. Instead of buying a new dress, take out all the dresses you own and look at them. You may find something that you’ve forgotten you had.
  10. Make a checklist. I have a No Spend checklist in front of my bullet journal. I just adore going to my page every morning and check off my previous day. It’s also good to look at when you want to buy something. Is it really worth it to skip a day?

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