Ten ways to become a voracious reader

It is 09:55 here in the Netherlands, and I have picked up my Kindle exactly 1 time today, and that was to shift it to the left so I could pick up my laptop.

I am 5 books behind with my Goodreads challenge of 100 books, and I’m so ready to catch up on that.

There are many reasons why I want to be a reader, but the most important is: I am a writer, and reading makes me a better writer.

So, to get myself started on meeting the challenge again, I’m setting myself some goals and challenges to be a voracious reader again.

Some, I already follow, some are new 🙂

How to become a better reader
  1. Blog about reading and what I’ve read at least once a month maybe more (hesitant to set it to weekly, because I know I won’t do that).
  2. Put my Kindle in full view next to the bed so I automatically gravitate to the Kindle instead of my phone.
  3. Create reading spots in the house. A comfy chair with a blanket for cold autumn days sounds like a dream.
  4. Have multiple books on the go. This is a natural habit of mine (only intensified with having a Kindle) and I intend to keep doing that.
  5. Explore new interests. To get excited about a new topic is always an invitation to read for me. And what is better than browsing a bookstore? Even, as it is these days, online it’s the best thing.
  6. Set timers for social media. And the news. And anything else used to procrastinate with.
  7. Have reading playlists. I just have to put on a certain playlist in Deezer to automagically grab a book.
  8. Make reading a habit at certain moments of the day. Have lunch? Read. Done with work? Read. In bath? Read.
  9. Keep a book log. I don’t have one, but I think it would be fun to log what I’ve been reading, and what I think of the book.
  10. Re-read absolute favourites. Just because reading those brings me back to the days I devoured books.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a book to read!

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