Ten reasons why self-care is so important to me

Nourishing yourself has so many aspects. I’m this blog post I’d like to explore how it makes me focus on my self-care and all that entails.

This year, Nourish is my word of the year.

I chose it at a moment where I didn’t feel at my best and knew something had to change. To me, nourishing myself has so many different aspects. This post focuses on one of them: self-care.

To keep my focusing on nourishing my body through self-care, I thought it would be helpful to make a list of reasons what self-care does for me.

  1. It helps me love myself more
  2. It gives me the energy to do what I love
  3. It makes my skin glow
  4. It helps me sleep better
  5. It makes me smile at myself in the mirror and actually feel love
  6. It calms me down
  7. It helps me listen to my body
  8. It helps me make better choices with regards to food
  9. It pushes me to focus on gratitude
  10. It helps me discard negative thoughts about myself.

Before I started this list I thought it might take me ages to write it but the items came faster than I could type.

In a way it makes me sad that I never saw this before, but feeling sad about things I can’t change isn’t self care. So I let it go and focus on what I can do for myself NOW.

What is your list of self-care’s gifts?

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