W is for Writing

I had another topic in mind for today, but, no matter how hard I try, I can’t write a blog post about walking. I need […] Read More

On Journaling

(This post is part of the A to Z challenge. I have moved all the posts that don’t pertain to writing to A simple, blissful […] Read More


It is our 16th wedding anniversary today, and every year I skip writing about the theme for A to Z and start writing about us […] Read More


Sometimes my words escape me. They hide in the depth of my brain and no matter how hard I try, I am at a loss. […] Read More

Z is for Zero

Zero space, empty, tranquil, playful, minimalist Zero clutter, just al things I use or love Zero doubts over what I treasure Zero posts left, A […] Read More

Y is for Yay You!

Most days, my best treasures are pen and paper. To be able to doodle or write what wants to be written is something I cherish […] Read More

X is for XV

This portrait was made 15 years ago on our wedding day. It is one of my most cherished treasures, both the portrait and our marriage […] Read More