Super Simple Self-care Strategy

I tend to over-complicate things.

When I wanted to take a healing bath the other day I made it into a whole ritual and I was exhausted by the time it was time to step in.

Another example: I wanted to walk in the park last week, and I ran upstairs for my hiking socks and some pants because I wore a skirt at the time. I got distracted with stuff I wanted to declutter and long story short: I didn’t walk in the park.

Both of these examples show that when it comes to self-care, I make it as big as I possibly can and then spend energy I need to take care of myself in preparation.

I decided just now that I need to simplify it.

I, for instance, need to keep a batch of essential oils in the bathroom for some quick and easy bath routines, or just wear my hiking sandals for a quick walk around the park when I wear a skirt.

To keep my mind from over-complicating my self-care routines I have devised this super simple strategy:

When my body says I need something, I do it. No questions asked. No deep mind wanderings allowed. I do. That’s it.

Another way to say this is: trust your instincts. Your body knows what it needs.

An example: right now it is very hot in the bedroom. I was gathering my stuff so I could go downstairs but my body needs a bit more recovery before I can go downstairs. So instead of pushing myself beyond my limits, I turned on the fan.

See how super simple self-care can be? How do you tend to overcomplicate your self-care?

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