Stop self-sabotaging

Today I put on a new pair of pants, and noticed it was tight.

In a rush I realized why. I have been sabotaging myself again with food. For the past couple months I have been sticking to a diet I love. Soups in the afternoon, fruit shakes in the morning, with added fibers. Healthy dinners in the evening and for the rest no extra’s other than the occasional cheese crackers in the afternoon.

The pants made me realize that in past couple weeks I ate cookies, candy, bread with chocolate, and I snacked on some very unhealthy dinners.

Why? Emotional overload, and as per usual when I get that, I go on cookie and Junk food binges.
When I stood there in my “not yet too tight but getting there” pants I realized I need to get back to eating healthy like that again. Not for the pants, but for me.

I deserve that. I deserve eating healthy and feeling energetic.

How does self sabotage sneak up on you?

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