Something has changed

Something has changed in my writing. Something that hasn’t been there for ages (if ever) snuck in: confidence.

It’s not a cocky, self-assured kind of writing, boastful ego. The confidence is way deeper than that.

Accepting the fact that I am a writer and that I am free to shout it from the rooftops is part of it.

Another part is that I am no longer afraid to write what I feel.

I have written a blog post every day this year, and I don’t feel fear about it anymore. I write, I share, I move on to the next post.

Being a blogger helps me with my fiction too. I no longer feel overwhelmed by the edit of my book. I see the big picture now, something I haven’t seen all through my writing.

This makes me so happy.

Something has changed. I don’t take fear’s bullshit anymore, and when I start doing that, I have some processes in place to counter it. Even if I have an urge to work against writing my daily blog, I know and trust that eventually during that day, a new post will be up on my site.

Writing is my life. And I am finally accepting that not writing is a bigger agony than posting something imperfect.

And if I let it, writing teaches me where my energy needs to go on a given day.

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