Someday is now

Remember that book you’ve always wanted to write?
Remember that artwork that you’ve always longed to create?
Remember the chapbook of poetry you wanted to make?
You vowed you would create those someday. One day you would find the courage to write, paint, produce.

Someday is now.

• Each day you postpone your destiny is a day not fully lived.
• Each day you procrastinate on creating your art is an unfulfilled day.
• Each day you fear your creative fire is a day spent in the horrors of the mind, not the joys of the heart.

Create your masterpiece. You were born to create it. And when you are done, create more.
Craft until your hands are stained with paint, your fingers stained with ink, your eyes aglow with creative fire.
And then, the next day, do the same.
Live creativity.
Be a force to be reckoned with. Be your art.
Remove your creative blocks and create with wild, child-like imagination.

Someday is now.

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