Sleep, Wake, Create, Repeat.

These past weeks I have settled into a whole new routine. I realised I needed play, 24/7!

You see, I have had trouble sleeping. Most of the nights I woke up at a ridiculous hour and then proceeded to stare at the ceiling, then I usually grabbed my iPad or my phone and read online or played a mind numbing game in hopes it would get me to sleep (of course it didn’t!)

Last week I woke up at two and, instead of grabbing my iPad to play a game, I grabbed it to jot down the skeleton of a blog post.

Earlier this week I woke up early again and I asked my Inner Child what I should create. I started doodling the start of an e-book on my iPad that will be on these pages soon, and then after half an hour or so, I put the iPad away and slept seconds later.

Today I started out reading Facebook and then the idea for this blog post jumped in my head. I grabbed my laptop and here I am. I hope I can stay awake long enough to finish it 😀

So, you may wonder, why did I fall asleep at all those other times, and not from reading Facebook or playing mind-numbingly boring games?

Play is of the now. Play doesn’t care about what happened yesterday, or what WORRYSOME THING will happen tomorrow. Your Inner Child just wants to play. To create all those wonderful things that live inside you until you are ready to let them out. To giggle and make the world a little bit better with the things you do, say, create.

Another awesome benefit to playing no matter what time it is: you have no time to feel crappy about lying awake at 3 AM. You get to play with your Inner Child! Is there anything more awesome than that?

A little side note: My Inner Child is all about creating and bringing/sharing/living beauty into the world. Maybe yours is all about dancing! No matter what time it is, nothing can keep you from jamming in your jammies!

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