Set your artistic self free

This past week I have watched a lot of (art-)journal video’s on YouTube. It was so enlightening, and it gave me lots of ideas for my own art journal. During the video watching something became glaringly obvious. A pattern emerged.

People apologized for their art, or lack thereof.
“I can’t draw.”
“I am not an artist.”
“I wish this looked better but I am not a creative person.”
“I had tried to draw something here but it didn’t work. Sorry about that.”
It made me sad.

The thing is, all those words are serving one purpose and that is that you drown your artistic, creative self with words.

You have probably learned to do that in school. School is a perfect place to get your artistic ambitions squelched. I thought I wasn’t born to be an artist when I got bad grades for my artwork. Years later I realized I had never learned to draw the way I like to.

It took me that long a long time to pick up my pen and to start doodling again. But I do it because doodling makes me happy. It makes me smile when I look through my journals and see all my sketches.
Some of them may have failed. And that is good because failure teaches something. Always.

Stop getting upset with yourself when a doodle of a bear turns out to look like a turd. At least you do something. At least you set your creative self free.

So, get a journal. Doodle pages upon pages of something you like, and keep at it.

Your artistic self deserves to be set free on your journal’s pages. Because the smile you get on your face when you see something you’ve created that you like, that is worth a thousand badly drawn bears 🙂

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