Schedule breaks

Only 10 more days to go and then NaNoWriMo is at its end.

I hope that by now you’ve made a dent in your novel or in your nano-rebel projects.

This usually was the time fatigue started to set in for me. Not a physical fatigue, but a mental one.

Fatigue tells you it’s time to take short breaks between writing sessions. And as taking breaks is essential at this stage of NaNoWriMo, I suggest timed writing sessions and breaks.

Say you write for 20 minutes and then you have a break for 10 minutes. In those 10 minutes, step away from the desk and put on some music to boogie on, do some skincare or another self-care treat, grab a craft you can work on (I knit between writing sessions), or take a short walk with your dog. Just move away from the desk but stay close to it so you can get back to writing when the timer starts.

I find that when I schedule breaks, getting back to writing is easier.

So go ahead, figure out a schedule that would work for you and write down a list of breaks you can take.

Your writing will thank you.

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