Reward yourself!

Do you have a hard time to keep writing your novel?

Did fear sneak into your words?

Is your inner editor muttering nonsensical things that keep your fingers away from the keyboard?

Introducing: the reward system!

One of the most fun side effects of playing with your writing is that you can really turn things around for yourself in unexpected ways.

For instance: my most dreaded aspect of writing used to be rejections. When I used to receive a rejection I wanted to crawl away into a cave and cry for days, and for a couple of years, I stopped submitting altogether. Now it’s just something that happens. Usually, I just shrug and resubmit.

The only thing changed between then and now, is that I play with my writing, and I now reward myself for rejections.

It’s like a merit badge for writers. Instead of earning one for helping an old lady across the street, you get a merit badge for submitting, for editing, or for not getting stumped by the blank page and the cursor blinking inside it.

Making the list

Make a list of things you love to eat, do or get.

Here are some suggestions from my personal reward list:

  • some of my favorite candy
  • a book I’ve wanted for ages
  • some pretty paper
  • office supplies (I am an office supply junkie!)
  • dark chocolate
  • an hour of gaming
  • dancing madly

I could go on and on with my list, but I think you get the message.

How you use it

Once you have your list, it’s very simple to implement it.

  1. Always put your dreaded task first on your to-do list(no use postponing, and you KNOW you will get rewarded straight away)

  2. Pick out your reward for when you’re done

  3. Just DO the task

  4. Enjoy your reward:)

An example: I really dreaded to write this blog post, for some reason. However, I picked my reward (3 dark chocolate eggs), and now, 20 minutes later, the blog post is done.

Using rewards is a way to retrain your brain into making everything playful. Before you know it you submit fearlessly, you are undaunted by blank pages, and rejections are just something that earns you a new book!

Over to you!

How do you use rewards?

Can you share some of the rewards on your list?

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