Revive your creativity

Sometimes creativity can go stale. At those moments, you can feel spirit ebbing away as you create your work. This is a sign you need to turn onto new paths in your creative expression, let fear get out of the way and let your creativity shine through once more.

Here are three tips on how to re-invigorate your creativity!

Step 1: Take a detour
A couple of years ago I was completely done with knitting. It just didn’t feel like me anymore, even though I did create my own designs and knitted some spectacular pieces. I no longer felt like it was meditation. It felt more like doing chores.

Yet, I missed my knitting bug. Then I discovered the spindle, and learned how to spin my own yarn. Long story short: I love knitting again, because now I can knit with yarns I have spun myself. I love to create new items too. Instead of fancy jumpers, I now knit socks and am completely happy with it.

Step 2: Create something else
Completely stuck with writing? Get a pencil and start drawing huge flowers on a piece of paper. Doodling liberates your creativity.

Feel like flinging your paint brushes out of the window because you aren’t inspired by your painting? Get some clay and shape something that makes you giggle.

Can’t find the words for a poem? Bake cookies!

It doesn’t matter whether what you create is beautiful (after all, we never are the best judges of beauty in what we create ourselves), it matters that you create something that never was there before.

Step 3: Go back to your childhood
Liberate your Inner Child!

  • Get a piece of chalk and make a mad drawing on the pavement.
  • Scribble down lists and lists of words you absolutely love.
  • Play with Lego bricks or building blocks.
  • Do anything creative that you loved to do as a child. Get messy, fling paint all over the canvas. Just set that wild creative energy free again.

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