Remember that writing is fun!

It could be that I’m only writing this post for the Sylvia in the past that regretted starting to write a novel at around this part of the month, every time I participated in NaNoWriMo.

I remember the feeling of dread, staring at my Scrivener and reading over the very drivel-y chapter I’d written moments before, plagued by questions like, “Why do I call myself a writer? What I write sucks!” or “Gods, this writing is so bad, I would have gotten the lowest score in class for this as a teen!” or “Writing isn’t my dream at all, this is just horrendous!”

At moments like this it’s always best to read through the first chapter of the novel.

Do you remember what it felt like to pen down the words? The excitement of the new character and their adventures?

Or the feeling you had when you crossed 1000 words, and 5000, and 10.000!

Remember your celebrations and the clever thing you came up in chapter 3 that totally changed your novel for the better.

And then turn to a new page and write a new chapter, taking place at the exact same time at the previous one, or just after the previous one. Tell yourself you can fix anything in the rewrite, and then sit down to write some more, renewed with the energy you’ve felt in the first couple of days of writing this month.

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